ThemaoR is on hiatus

I think this time it might be permanent, I'm sorry!

I have a half-buffer left with some sketched out and half-inked pages, but I don't see the point of finishing those anymore. ThemaoR was created on a whim 5 years ago because I had these characters and, yay, wouldn't it be fun to throw them all together and make them into a comic?! For most of the first chapter there wasn't even any story written out. Of course, later an actual story was added but that just made slogging through all these pages a rather weird experience. I haven't even gotten to the part where the actual plot kicks in yet, 20 pages into chapter 2. Does anyone have any idea what Ripper is? Of course not, because her backstory was only completed at the start of chapter 2. That's not really the way you write an interesting story-based comic!

The way this could be fixed, of course, would be to restart from scratch. But to be honest even though I do have a complete plot outline now, I'm not very interested in telling the story anymore. Perhaps, one day...

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my readers for their support and interest in this comic until now, I do love you dearly and I promise I'm not doing this to spite you. I just... Grew up a bit I think D:

As for Witchprince! I haven't been updating that because I've been feeling bad and unmotivated about ThemaoR. Now that I've finally put a stop to this monstrosity, I can finally give it all of my comic-time attention. I might have to redo the first few pages to fit the new pages, because I'm going to be updating in black and white from now on. The colors, they burrrn....

Anyway! I think that's a long enough wall of text. I can always be found in the usual places (Tumblr, devART, Twitter) and thank you so much for reading this!